Statewide Justice Advocacy

ANJC is at the center of Alaska’s justice advocacy conversation

With many partners, we are involved in numerous local, regional and statewide commissions, boards and committees.

The Alaska Criminal Justice Commission (ACJC)

ACJC is established by statute and ANJC is named to the ACJC by that statute. The ACJC evaluates and makes recommendations to improve criminal laws and practices, keeping in mind the goals of enhancing public safety, offender rehabilitation, victim restitution and reducing costs. The ACJC may recommend legislative or administrative action to the Legislature and to the Governor.

Access and Fairness Commission

The commission’s goal is to increase fairness and access to the courts for all Alaskans and is co-chaired by Alaska Supreme Court Justices Peter Maassen and Susan Carney.

Alaska Justice Information Center (AJiC) Steering Committee

The AJiC Steering Committee provides the AJiC with ongoing input and guidance. The AJiC Steering Committee comprises key criminal justice policymakers and stakeholders. The Alaska Justice Information Center’s mission is to compile, analyze, and report on criminal justice topics to policymakers and practitioners in order to improve public safety, to increase criminal justice system accountability, and to reduce recidivism.

Children in Need of Aid (CINA) Court Improvement Program
(in partnership with CITCI)

The CINA Court Improvement Program monitors and improves the way the court system handles child in need of aid cases, and enhances coordination between the court system and other agencies and Tribes involved in CINA cases.

Alaska Statewide Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team (DVFRT)

The AK DVFRT is a cooperative effort between the State of Alaska Department of Public Safety (DPS) and various agencies and organizations including ANJC. The member agencies of the AK DVFRT recognize the need for critical review of intimate partner related fatalities and serious physical injury cases to strengthen operational policies and procedures and identify prevention strategies.

Anchorage Reentry Committee

The Anchorage Reentry Coalition is a diverse group of more than 45 programs, agencies, and individuals that are engaged in prisoner reentry and recidivism reduction efforts in Anchorage and Alaska. The Coalition is comprised of a Tri-Chair system, a Steering Team, and the general body of the Coalition. ANJC is a committed partner with the Anchorage Reentry Coalition and serves on the Steering Committee.

Council for the Advancement for Alaska Natives (CAAN)

ANJC is a member of  CAAN, a committee of Alaska Federation of Natives, which represents the statewide interests and priorities of the 12 Alaska Native regional nonprofits and other statewide Alaska Native nonprofits including First Alaskans Institute, Alaska Native Health Board, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, and RurAL CAP.

ANJC has submitted the following resolutions which were passed at the 2018 Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) Convention. These resolutions and others related to addressing Alaska’s public safety crisis and access to justice services remain top priorities for ANJC’s work within AFN’s CAAN committee.

  • 18-10: Supporting changes in the alaska statutes to make the conduct involved in the recent case involving an assault on a native woman a sex offense and support for a general review of the alaska statutes regarding sex offenses by the criminal justice commission
  • 18-11: Calling for an outside investigation of the disparate treatment in the alaska criminal justice system of cases involving alaska native offenders and victims
Additional Tribal Justice and ICWA initiatives

We facilitate monthly meetings with organizational partners such as Alaska Legal Services Corporation, Native American Rights Fund, and the legal teams from several Alaska Native regional nonprofits to address emergent legal and policy issues affecting the communities we serve. Our commitment to streamlining efforts, maximizing resources, and addressing complicated social justice issues drives these efforts.

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