About Us

Our Mission Justice for Alaska Native People

Our Values

we are Interdependent

We trust one another and work as a team toward our common goals. We recognize that each of us has an equally important role in the community, and that we are stronger together than as individuals.

we are Resilient

We look to the future with steadfast optimism, hope, and faith in Our People. We adapt to change with persistence and determination. We engage in creative solutions and endure adversity with courage.

we are Accountable

We are ultimately responsible for fulfilling our Mission and serving Our People. We are reliable, work with integrity, and lead by example. We honor our obligations and correct our mistakes.

we are Respectful

We treat one another with dignity and kindness. We value and embrace our diversity, respect ourselves, and understand boundaries. We approach each experience with gratitude and humility.

we are Humorous

Through humor, we laugh, connect, and build relationship; we use humor to share joy and bring relief; humor is honest, liberating, and contagious, allowing us to be human and meet each other where we are on our journey.


ANJC was established in 1993 to address Alaska Native and Alaskan people’s unmet needs within the civil and criminal justice system, in response to the increasing disproportionate rates of victimization, incarceration, and other justice-related issues impacting Alaska Native people statewide. Its early mission was “to advocate for civil rights and fair and equitable treatment for Alaska Native people in the justice system.”

Initially, ANJC emphasized advocacy both for individuals and for systems change, working with victims of discrimination, domestic violence, and sexual assault. In 2004, ANJC’s mission was revised to “Promote justice through culturally based advocacy, prevention, and intervention initiatives to restore dignity, respect, and humanity to all Alaska Natives.”

On October 1, 2016, Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC) and the Alaska Native Justice Center (ANJC) entered into a new era of partnership intended to strengthen ANJC’s services. ANJC, formerly a CITC sister organization, was integrated into the CITC family as a non-profit affiliate where CITC provides governance and management. ANJC works closely with CITC to better integrate service delivery within the continuum of care for participants.

Statewide Service

ANJC serves individuals state-wide, assisting participants from every ANCSA region. 85% of ANJC’s clients are Alaska Native or American Indian.

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