Over $100,000 Raised During ANJC’s Voices for Justice Campaign

The funds will support ANJC’s mission of justice for all Alaskans

Alaska Native Justice Center kicked off its 29th annual Voices for Justice fundraiser with a goal of bringing in $100,000 for the organization. This year, between corporate sponsors, individual donors, community fundraisers, and a successful online auction, ANJC raised $105,000.

Reaching that figure was a community effort – one that will have a huge impact on ANJC’s services.

“The money raised goes to support our participants and our clients,” said ANJC’s Senior Director of Legal and Policy Alex Cleghorn. “Food and groceries, transportation, and housing – some of the things that may not be covered by our federal grants, we can support with this funding.”

Toni Sanderson came to ANJC looking for real change. Today, she describes herself as a new person thanks to her experience.

Kelsey Potdevin, ANJC’s education and outreach manager, echoed Cleghorn’s statement. The donations from this fundraiser are incredibly valuable because there are no constraints on how they can be used.

“The justice needs of our people are complex, and we have to recognize that everyone who seeks help from ANJC has a unique story,” said Kelsey. “Voices for Justice is absolutely essential for boosting ANJC’s unrestricted reserves to ensure we can remain nimble and respond effectively to the needs of the people and tribes we serve.”

This year’s campaign highlighted the life-altering support ANJC provides through sharing Toni Sanderson’s story. With ANJC’s help, Toni overcame drug addiction and incarceration and is currently working toward becoming a youth drug and alcohol counselor.

Alex noted that success takes various forms at ANJC. Success can be acquiring a protective order for someone who is leaving a domestic violence situation. Or it can be one of the hundreds of child welfare cases where ANJC has represented Alaska Tribes in court this year.

The work is tireless and all-encompassing, and Alex is excited to bring ANJC’s capabilities to even more Alaskans.

“For the first time in many years, ANJC received a congressionally designated spending appropriation to help broaden our Tribal justice work to be more statewide,” he said. “I’m looking forward to that work.”

With the contributions ANJC received from the Voices for Justice fundraiser, the organization is in a great position to strengthen its fight for equality and justice for Alaska Native people.

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