First National Bank Alaska Supports Justice for Alaska Native People

The financial institution donated $5,000 to the Alaska Native Justice Center

On Tuesday, November 1, Alaska Native Justice Center representatives received a donation of $5,000 from First National Bank Alaska.

“First National is proud to support justice for Alaska Native people and for all Alaskans,” said First National Vice President and CRA Officer Natasha Pope.

Natasha presented a check to Alex Cleghorn, senior Legal and Policy director for the Alaska Native Justice Center (ANJC).

“ANJC delivers vital resources and legal services for a portion of Alaska’s population that faces significant barriers within the state’s justice systems,” she added. “First National’s donation to ANJC demonstrates our commitment to promoting dignity, respect, and equality for all Alaska Native people.”

ANJC provides an array of programs for Alaska Native and other people experiencing domestic violence, reentering the community after incarceration, and recovering from substance abuse. The organization also offers legal services to individuals and to Tribes and protects Elders from being victimized by financial exploitation and neglect.


FNBA Business Support Specialist David Haynes; ANJC Tribal Justice Facilitator Kelsey Potdevin; CITC President and CEO Gloria O’Neill; and First National Vice President and CRA Officer Natasha Pope. Pope and Haynes recently presented ANJC with a $5,000 donation to support justice and equality for Alaska Native and other people served by the organization.

While the majority of ANJC’s programs are funded by grants from the Department of Justice (DOJ), unrestricted funding like the donation from First National allows ANJC to broaden its assistance to a wider population.

“We’re grateful for the funding we receive from the DOJ,” Alex Cleghorn said. “But under DOJ guidelines, we’re often restricted to serving victims of certain types of crime or in specific geographic areas. The funds we get from donors like First National are particularly valuable because they allow us to serve people and interests that may not fit in the prescribed box.”

Funding provided by corporate and individual donors enables ANJC staff to address the needs of most people who walk through the organization’s doors.

“We see people in need, and it’s really challenging for our team to turn people away,” Alex added. “To have flexibility in what we can do and how we can help makes a difference. We’re so incredibly thankful to First National Bank Alaska and appreciate their commitment to justice for Alaska Native people and others.”

You can make a difference, too. From November 14 – December 12, ANJC’s Voices for Justice fundraiser aims to raise $100,000 in unrestricted funding that will directly help Alaska Native people and other Alaskans.

Be a voice for justice: Donate today.

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